theo | a birth story

aside from weddings, my (cait) favorite thing to photograph is births. for those of you that don’t know, i’ve photographed a number of births and “fresh 48” sessions on another website (you can view those here). however, i’ve decided that i want to share everything we photograph on this website, not just weddings! so, if you want to see a beautiful baby boy being born-keep reading. if not, move on to the next post šŸ˜‰

meet katie & matt. katie attended messiah college, where jeff and i also went, so i guess you could say we met through college. we really connected after realizing we not only had mutual friends, but a mutual love for photography. we have swapped family sessions with these guys for years and this past fall katie and i traveled to seattle together for a photography conference. it was there that i learned more about the struggle her and matt have encountered in trying to complete their family. after several losses, numerous doctors appointments and needles, prayers from family and friends around the country-baby theo came into existence and on friday he was born into this world and completed their family of five.

my favorite part of my job is being able to capture moments for people that they may not have remembered otherwise-the first look at your spouse when they place your baby boy on your chest, after 5 lost pregnancies, has to be a top for me. seeing the strength in this couple throughout this entire process was truly breathtaking. i was honored to photograph the birth of baby boy theo-who was a whopping 10 lbs and 12 oz (12.9, so almost 13 oz people) and who’s mama deserves a huge gold trophy and all the chick-fil-a in the world for pushing him out. the strength of a woman during childbirth will forever amaze me. supportive husbands bring tears to me eyes. the first look at a new baby brother can’t help but light up everyone’s eyes in the room. congratulations hall family-and thank you for trusting me to captureĀ theo’s first moments with your family…

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